Winners of acknowledgements, accolades and awards CSMBLM

CSMBLM awards medals, acknowledgements and prizes for work in the past year or for the entire professional activity. Candidates for the awards are proposed by CSMBLM medal Committee.

Annual awards are award for scientific work and the award for the best young scientists which are awarded to those colleagues who have demonstrated exceptional scholarly activity in the last calendar year.

Marijana Fišer-Herman accolade is awarded for especially active work in CSMBLM, especially for scientific and educational work, and the development of medical biochemistry in general. The accolade is awarded for the advancement of medical thought and science, as well as merit in achieving the tasks of CSMBLM.

Ibrahim Ruždić accolade is awarded to the candidate who distinguished himself in the promotion of medical-biochemical sciences in the clinical laboratory diagnostics as an integral part of health care and who specialized in work organization and modernization of laboratory activities, as well as for his contribution to the realization of tasks CSMBLM.

CSMBLM recognition for lifetime achievement is the highest distinction, which is awarded to members whose entire work makes a completed technical and scientific entities. For recognition of CSMBLM for the lifetime achievement only candidate with extensive professional or scientific activities can be suggested.



  1. Krešo Lipovac (1993)
  2. Olga Borčić (1994)
  3. Anka Mandušić (1994)


Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

  1. Božidar Štraus (1996)
  2. Ana Stavljenić-Rukavina (2006)
  3. Dubravka Juretić (2013)
  4. Elizabeta Topić (2015)
  5. Slavica Dodig (2018)
  6. Ivana Čepelak (2022)

Marijana Fišer Herman Accolade

  1. Dubravka Juretić (2006)
  2. Elizabeta Topić (2006)
  3. Ivana Čepelak (2009)
  4. Slavica Dodig (2013)
  5. Renata Zadro (2018)
  6. Ana-Maria Šimundić (2022)

Ibrahim Ruždić Accolade

  1. Dragutin Kozmar (1999)
  2. Ante Roguljić (1999)
  3. Gašpar Ivanković (2003)
  4. Kate Ljubimir (2006)
  5. Dubravka Čvorišćec (2009)
  6. Branka Kunović (2013)
  7. Zlata Flegar-Meštrić (2018)
  8. Lorena Honović (2022)



  1. Dubravka Čvorišćec (2003)
  2. Dubravka Juretić (2003)
  3. Chronolab (2003)
  4. Gordana Parag (2009)
  5. Aida Nazor (2013)

Annual Award for Scientific Work

in 2000. not awarded
in 2001. Lada Rumora
in 2002. Karmela Barišić
in 2003. Ljiljana Mayer
in 2004. not awarded
in 2005. not awarded
in 2006. Ksenija Fumić
in 2007. Renata Zadro
in 2008. Nora Nikolac
in 2009. Desiree Coen Herak
in 2010. Slavica Dodig
in 2011. Ana-Maria Šimundić
in 2012. not awarded 
in 2013. not awarded  
in 2014. Jasenka Wagner
in 2015. not awarded
in 2016. not awarded
in 2017. Jasna Leniček Krleža
in 2018. Marija Grdić Rajković
in 2019. not awarded
in 2020. Lada Rumora
in 2021. Jasenka Wagner Kostadinović

Annual Award Krešo Lipovac for the most successful Young Scientist

in 2000. Ana-Maria Šimundić
in 2001. Koraljka Đurić Huderer
in 2002. Mario Štefanović
in 2003. Nataša Stojanović
in 2004. Milena Hasan
in 2005. Vedrana Čikeš Čulić
in 2006. not awarded
in 2007. Olga Gornik
in 2008. Jasenka Wagner
in 2009. not awarded
in 2010. not awarded
in 2011. not awarded
in 2012. not awarded 
in 2013. not awarded  
in 2014. Josipa Kuleš
in 2015. Vanja Radišić Biljak
in 2016. Josipa Kuleš
in 2017. not awarded
in 2018. not awarded
in 2019. Ivana Lapić
in 2020. Iva Hlapčić
in 2021. not awarded

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